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Anxiety is, unfortunately, a normal part of most people’s lives, especially around stressful events such as big work projects or the global pandemic. These simple tips can help you diminish feelings of anxiety until they are more manageable.

Take a Break

When you start to feel as if you’ve been given way too much to handle, step away from the situation for a few minutes to recenter yourself. If you feel as if you absolutely cannot afford to “waste” time on self-care, then that is when you need it the most.

Some distance alone may help you feel better about your situation. If that does not work, try other techniques to calm yourself, such as breathing exercises or writing down your feelings in a journal.

Rely on Your Support Network

Your anxiety may be convincing you that you are a burden on your loved ones. It is lying. Contacting a trusted friend or family member can be the lifeline that you need in a stressful situation. Talking it out or asking someone else for advice may feel like a weight off your shoulders.

Your support network may remind you of the love and care that you need to give to yourself. Give yourself the same understanding and support that your best friend or sibling would when they are talking to you. Let yourself take breaks and step back from some responsibilities if that is what you need.

Identify the Source of Your Anxiety

The best way to battle anxiety is to eliminate it. Take some time to reflect on what is causing you stress. Have you taken on too much responsibility at work or agreed to go to too many virtual happy hours? Say no to things that are causing you more distress than benefit. Setting boundaries is a great way to let go of excess stress.

Anxiety is a serious problem that does not always go away with some meditation. However, these simple tips can make stress and anxiety more manageable and improve your overall well-being.